very wendy studios ClasS DESCRIPTIONS


Vinyasa FLOW

Yin Yoga & Meditation

This is a traditional yoga flow class including Sun A and Sun B.  We begin with a guided meditation concentrating on integrating Ujjayi breath with our movements.  We end our flow with sweet stretches and a blissful savasana with lavender eye pillows.  such a treat!



Our Yummy Yin practice is slow and deep working to open your body by softly stretching your ligaments. We begin with a 10 minute guided meditation.  We then move through a short series of asanas (poses) with long holds of three to five minutes.  All poses are on the floor.  Props are used.  Come experience your body and mind opening to the challenge of sweet surrender. 



Very Wendy's Yogalates is a unique low impact workout that targets your core and works every muscle in your body.  Based on the Power Pilates method with some yoga and body weight strength exercises mixed in, you will strengthen and lengthen your muscles, improve your balance and flexibility. We end the class with a blissful Savasana.


Join us for a guided meditation practice.  Learn the fundamentals and benefits of mindfulness meditation. Beginners welcome!

Meditation & Stretch


This is a mat based Pilates class that will strengthen your core and tone your body.  Keeping our spine supple and flexible is imperative for great health!  


This class is designed for beginners, seniors, or anyone with injuries.  We will begin class with a guided meditation followed by a full body stretch.    

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