Mindfulness is being alive

June 25, 2015




You may have noticed that there's been a lot written around mindfulness and meditation lately.  You may wonder why? As Jon Kabit Zinn, the founder of the the Mindfulness Institute, it is the only way of truly being alive.

When we completely immerse ourselves in the present moment, we can appreciate the richness and fulness of life.  True, it may be painful and unpleasant at times, but these are our opportunities to move into our feelings instead of resisting them. We learn that it is the resistance to our painful feelings that is ultimately the cause of our suffering.   We all will experience pain in life, but our suffering is caused by not accepting the present moment.  In mindfulness we strive to fully accept the present moment.  Our breath is the medium and gateway to move into acceptance.


During meditation, we learn how to watch our thoughts without judgment, thereby coming to know ourselves at a deeper level. When we focus on our breath and tune in, we experience a seperation between ourselves and our minds, realizing that we are not our thoughts.  For many of us know, this is great news!  We are not our negative thoughts and reactions, but creatures of joy at the core of our being.  Creating this distance between our thoughts and ourselves will allow us to experience a profound sense of peace and well being.


We hope you join us for our daily meditation practice.  We sit in silence for twenty minutes and come to know ourselves a little more deeply with love and compassion.



See you on the mat!





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