Pranayama is the Life force within You

June 16, 2015



At Very Wendy Studios, we pride ourselves on offering classes that are grounded in the 8 Limbs of Yoga.

 Our classes are designed to move you through a yoga practice that begins and ends with Pranayama, the breath and life force within you.  If you are moving through a yoga sequence without linking your breath to your movements, you are missing out on the essential foundation of yoga.  As yoga means to link or yoke together, your breath is the connection between your body and your spirit.  


Uijayi breathing is the most common breathing technique practiced during a flow class.  It is helpful to practice this breath before and after class, so you can get familiar with the simple technique and what is feels​​ and sounds like.  If done properly,  your breath should be audible to you during class and may be strong enough to be heard by your fellow yogi on the mat next to you.  And that is OK!  Think of this breath as a way to cleanse your body and your mind.   Done correctly and consistently, Uijayi breathing will also give you strength to move into the asanas and to hold the poses for a longer amount of time.  



So next time you are in class, realize that the more you link your breath to your movement, the more benefits you will achieve fr​​om your practice.  Breathe into stillness and leave in bliss.


See you on the mat!




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