How to do Tripod Headstand

May 12, 2015



Sirsasana, Headstand is called the king of all asanas.  The benefits of invervsion are numerous.  When we journey upside down, we see a whole new world.  We give our heart a rest and improve our circulation.  Here's a quick how to for Tripod Headstand.







1. Find the crown of your head, approximately 8 finger lengths from the bridge of your nose

2. Place hands slightly away from face.

3. Spread fingers

4. Elbows above wrists, alignment

5. Fingers toward face

6. Keep elbows in, engage arms

7. Move shoulders away from ears

8. Lift leg up and breathe

9. Walk feet towards face

10. Hip move above shoulders

11. Move one knee into one arm and lift foot

12. Other knee on elbow

13. Bring toes together

14. Shoulders away from ears

15. To come out, one foot back to ground

16. Both knees to floor

17. Childs pose








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